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Our hospitality courses are designed to prepare working professionals for the next step in their career. Choose from a wide variety of courses that reflect the dynamic nature of our hospitality industry. Each course gives professionals new knowledge, tools and skills to apply immediately at the workplace.

  • Classes available:
  • Convenient class times and formats: Our program is for working professionals.
  • Put your credits to work! You can apply up to 36 non-degree credits toward a bachelor's degree.
  • Tax benefits: There are tax incentives for continuing your education.  
  • Employer Tuition Assistance Programs: Many employers offer tuition assistance programs to their employees. Ask your employer what options are available to you.

Professional Development Courses

Service Automation And Technology (Hm 320) - Spring 2019
Changing customer expectations, new and cheap technology, and a challenging labor market make for a dynamic industry landscape. Automation of basic tasks is an example of how some companies stay competitive. Explore technologies shaping the field and how industry leaders leverage them to improve efficiency and service.

Revenue Management And Pricing (Hm 420) - Spring 2019
Revenue management is critical to the hospitality industry. Learn essentials every manager needs: the fundamentals, capacity management, duration control, demand, forecasting, discounting, overbooking, displacement analysis, channel management, and pricing execution.

Service Management (Hm 430) - Fall 2019
Customer service is a differentiator. Your team’s philosophy, customer interactions and handling of complaints can make you stand out -- or not. Learn how to implement programs that create loyal customers, from design and delivery, to customer interaction systems, to service recovery.

Online Marketing And Reputation Management (Hm 325) - Fall 2019
Hospitality businesses are inseparable from the internet. This course focuses on online marketing and advertising strategies, and the importance of a strong internet presence to maximize revenues. Discussion will include how hospitality leaders can encourage and leverage customer generated content to retain customers and revenue streams.

Vacation Property Management (Hm 340) - Spring 2020
The vacation property market is one of the largest in our industry. We will explore this growing market including property development, contracts, management, promotion and financing. Participants will weigh challenges and opportunities of the shared economy, owner relations, homeowner associations, renovations and public policy.

Advanced Restaurant Management And Ownership (Hm 425) - Winter 2020
Restaurateurs have an entrepreneurial spirit in common. This course provides a roadmap for those considering opening their own restaurant business. It will take you through best practices in launching your business, from design and funding, to foodservice operations, management and ownership.

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