Internship Course Registration

NOTE: Approval of your registration can be given at any time of the year. This course can be completed as you work on a part-time basis during the school year, or working full-time. Hospitality management undergraduate students are required to complete 3 hospitality internships, before graduation:

Internship 200,
Internship 300
Internship 400* (also requires the internship to have management responsibilities)

The hospitality management faculty considers an internship as a structured and supervised industry experience in which the student:

  1. Is officially bound under the tenets of the Hospitality Student & Employer Learning Agreement
  2. Is paid
  3. Completes the required minimum hours for a summer or semester internship in their area of specialization

Please read the internship information on the website. You can find:

The order in which to proceed:

  1. Email your OSU instructor to approve of your internship idea. December - June 2019, the instructor will be Maeve Perle.
  2. Secure the job.
  3. You and your employer sign the Learning Agreement/contract. Drop the signed learning agreement to instructor during your meeting. Students are expected to have the name, address and telephone number of the internship site, and the name and phone number of their supervisor, starting and ending dates of the internship ready before the meeting.
  4. Please write 7-10 learning objectives you have for this internship. What do you hope to learn, have exposure to, etc.
  5. With the job secured, the objectives written, the learning agreement signed, ONLY THEN make an appointment with the internship instructor. They will give you approval to register for the internship course if you have fulfilled the above.
  6. Register officially with OSU for the Internship Course. There are three internships: Internship 200, Internship 300, or Internship 400*, please choose whichever one you are scheduled to complete.

An internship can originate in one of two ways:

  1. An organization deciding to sponsor an internship during the year will initiate a competitive search for an intern. An internship that originates in this way generally requires a formal interview with personnel of the sponsoring organization, conducted either at the Career Development Center or at the office of the sponsoring organization. Information regarding internship opportunities is available at The Career Development Center,, 541-322-2067. Each student is responsible for finding his/her own internship, however, OSU Cascades Career Development Center can provide as much help as possible. Once you have gained a clear understanding of what is expected from you and the company, please prepare a resume & letter of introduction.
  2. A student may individually attempt to initiate an internship directly with an organization which has not previously expressed a current intention of sponsoring an internship. Start applying to several hospitality companies under the guidelines of the internship in the prior term, where possible.

In either case, it is the responsibility of the student, rather than OSU-Cascades, to secure an internship position. As our program grows we hope to be able to match our students with industry requests. All students must register for the Internships, paying applicable tuition and university fees.

By now you have signed the learning agreement, and met with the OSU instructor to discuss and hand in your 10 learning objectives/goals. Once this is done you will be cleared for registering for the internship course.

  • You will now have access to the Canvas documents and information
  • Start the internship
  • Drop in weekly report online in Canvas (dates and information and the form will be on Canvas under assignments)
  • Drop the Mid-term Business Summary & Evaluation Report in Canvas mid-way through term (dates and information will be on Canvas under assignments)
  • Supervisor does an employee appraisal /evaluation on the student based on set OSU rubrics/questions with your OSU instructor (a sample is available for you to look at online on Canvas)
  • Drop Term Paper in Canvas. (dates and information and guidelines will be on Canvas under assignments)
  • Complete the Student Internship Survey (dates and information and survey will be on Canvas under assignments)
  • Final Grade discussion with OSU instructor (dates and information will be on Canvas under assignments)