ID / Key

ID Card

Your OSU-Cascades ID is one of your most important tools on campus. It functions like a key to let you into your residence hall and room. It functions like a pre-paid debit card at the Beaver Dam and Coffee Bar, with Dining Plan Dollars loaded onto your card. It also gets you access to the fitness room.

  • Lost card? If you lose your ID card, report it to Public Safety by calling 541-322-3110
  • A replacement card costs $25 and can be picked up in the mailroom.
  • If you need temporary building access before picking up your new ID card, your Housing staff can provide temporary building access, using a conference key card. These only work for a limited time, and must be returned. A rekey charge will be assessed if the temp card is not returned.



Rooms + Help

Room Change

Room changes and room swaps are available as space allows, between week 2 and week 9 of every term. Learn more about the room change process.


Maintenance requests

 If there are any problems with your room or with any common space in your residence hall, please let us know right away—we want to fix it. You will not be charged for maintenance unless the problem was caused by deliberate vandalism. You can submit a maintenance request through MyUHDS.


Who to Call

 If you have questions about your housing or dining accounts, you can contact the University Housing & Dining Services administrative office at any time. Parents and family members can find more information about supporting their students and links to parent resources and frequently asked questions on our Parent & Families home page.





Dining Plan

Your Dining Plan gets you access to meals and snacks at the Beaver Dam and drinks  at the Coffee Bar.

  • Check your spending: take advantage of the budgeting tools for managing your dining plan when you log into MyUHDS. You can view your resident discount, your past transactions, and your current balance, as well as charts that show whether your spending is in line with the dining plan you’ve chosen.
  • Change your plan: You may change to a smaller dining plan between weeks 1-3 of every term. You can change to a larger dining plan at any time. Remember, your dining plan balance rolls over from term to term, and will also roll over to the next year if you are still a student.

Eco2Go is a sustainability program that gives you the option to use re-usable containers instead of disposable take-go containers in the Beaver Dam. We rely on participation from students and staff to make the program successful; you can do your part by rinsing your Eco2Go containers after you use them and putting them in the dish return.



Room and board payment

Room and board charges are billed to your student account at the beginning of each term. These charges will appear on an online eBill statement, which includes all tuition, housing, and other miscellaneous university charges and payments. eBills are processed on the 5th of each month and include all new charges or credits. Residents will receive a copy of their eBill via their university email address (ONID) account. All charges on your student account can be paid for at the cashier's desk on the 1st floor of the Obisidian Hall.


Welcome Week Events


Welcome Week, Sept. 24-30, 2023, is your chance to connect to community and learn what it means to be a part of Beaver Nation.  Learn more online.