Roommate Selection

Tips for Selecting A Roommate

The process of applying for housing and selecting a roommate can be daunting for students who are leaving home for the first time. We have compiled a list of tips to help you understand and navigate the roommate selection process at Oregon State University - Cascades.

You and your roommate will share the same residence hall room. You and your suitemate(s) will share a bathroom if you are living in a room with a suite shared bath. These roommate selection tips can be used to find both a roommate and/or suitemate(s).


Set up your personal profile

As part of the housing application process you will answer profile questions that will be used in the roommate search process.

Your roommate matching profile is the primary tool used to determine your best roommate/suitemate match. Our system will compare your answers to all other students' answers and produce a percentage match between 0% and 100%. To allow for the best roommate match possible, answer these question honestly to the best of your ability.


Choose your living community

We offer living communities built around common interests. Consider whether one or more of these communities is a good fit for you. Students will be matched with and assigned rooms near other students who are members of the same community.


Search for roommates and create a roommate group

We offer roommate matching ahead of making room assignments. Roommate matching is an optional step, but it is your opportunity to match with roommates/suitemates on your own terms and form roommate groups with them.

Those who choose not to participate in roommate matching, or apply after the roommate matching window closes, will be assigned a roommate based on the best available match in our system. Please see our Application Dates page for specific dates for roommate matching for new students and returning students.

Returning student room selection

Returning students are afforded the option of selecting their room assignment for the following year. Please see the returning student application dates for the room selection period dates.


Push yourself outside your comfort zone

We understand the process of looking for a roommate can be challenging, and even a little uncomfortable. We encourage you to embrace this process for all that it represents about your transition to life in college. Don’t just accept the first roommate request you receive; actively engage in conversations with multiple roommates to see who will be the best fit for you. Also, once you have found a roommate, let others you have been talking with know you have found someone else.

Hot tip: Don’t live with a friend. We won’t stop you from doing this, but we would encourage you to trust our experience when we say that it can be hard to live with someone you know but have never shared a space with long term.

Be patient with the process

Roommate matching is open for multiple weeks for students. Every day more students are completing their housing applications who will be potential roommate matches for you. Take your time to find someone you are truly compatible with.


Roommate matches must be completely mutual to be valid

Anyone you request as a roommate must confirm this request to be valid, and vice versa. You can see all requests you have sent or received and the status of that match in the myHousing portal.


Talk to potential roommates about where you want to live

If you want to be in a triple room, and your potential roommate wants to be in a double with a shared bath, that is a sign of a roommate match that may not work out. Talk with your potential roommate and edit your room preferences to match one another's. This will ensure you both receive the most optimal placement.