A dedicated professional staff member and five student staff are available for resident support and to address the needs of the residents' in the Residence Hall.

Associate Director of Residential Education and Housing

The Assistant Director of Residential Education and Housing is responsible for the overall management of the housing complex facilities and operations and for the development of the residential population. 

Residential Education Coordinator

The Associate Director lives on campus and supervises the residential education staff, encourages recreational, social, educational and cultural programming and is available for individual counseling and referrals to other university services.

Resident Assistants

Each residence hall floor (about 15-40 students) has a Resident Assistant (RA) who is selected and trained to assist with student concerns, personal, social, and academic needs, and general university and community issues. In addition, these staff members are trained to handle emergency situations, enforce university and residence hall policies and regulations, and carry out general administrative tasks.

Maintenance & Custodians

OSU-Cascades has its own maintenance staff and custodians. Staff performs daily common area cleaning, trash removal/recycling, and minor repairs through resident-initiated work order requests. Residents may request repairs or service at any time through the maintenance request process.