Beaver Tracks

Beaver Tracks

Make a submission to Beaver Tracks here!

Beaver Tracks are posted weekly on the ASCC Instagram and online. 

To make a submission for your club or event, please fill out the online form.

Please limit your entries to a maximum of two per person/club/organization.

Please double check to make sure wording is accurate and exact. Beaver tracks is not responsible for incorrect information posted if the information given to us is wrong.

Please read the FAQ below for thorough submission details.


Q: How do I submit?
A: Complete the online form.
Q: I don't see my submission in the newsletter, what gives?
A: Sometimes there are too many entries in the Beaver Tracks to include everyone, or if you submit after the deadline they cannot be added in! Please try to limit your entries to a brief statement about your event, its time, and its place so everyone has a chance to get their entries in!
Q: I don't have access to a computer at home, now what?
A: The Tykeson Hall computer lab is located in the lobby and offers free access to students.
Q: What can I submit?
A: Any club event, school event, or outside event that has the best interests of students in mind. We welcome and encourage a multitude of events and activities that engage the student body!
Q: When do I have to get my submission form in?
A: The online form must be submitted before 12:00 P.M. each Friday. You must give enough time for review of the forms or they may not be published in Beaver Tracks.
Q: I don't have information for part of the form, do I have to fill it in?
A: It is strongly encouraged to fill out the entire form even if you do not have relevant information. Simply put N/A (not applicable) where you cannot fill it in. Please note that if your event is at a certain place, you must give a date, time and location.

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