Part-Time Faculty Hiring Process

Term Start Dates

Sep 16, Dec 16, Mar 16, and Jun 16 (for summer appointments)

Contract Periods

All contracts are established on a term-by-term basis. Bundling as a hiring process is not used for FTE calculation.



An individual is returning to a position previously held after a break in service in that same position (same position number) with the same conditions of employment.


Unclassified fixed-term faculty 

  • Fixed-term faculty may return within one year from the previous actual job end date without conducting an applicant search and interview process. 
  • Instructors hired through continuous recruitment pools may return within two years from the previous actual job end date without conducting an applicant search and interview process. 

Academic wage (Summer appointments)

  • When the appointee returns to the same position after a break in service, the reappointment does not go through the Online PD and Recruiting System; it is set up using the appropriate academic wage OSCAR “Recruit/Appoint” online task.


Individual has worked for the university in the past or is a current employee in another position with different duties. Has not held a corresponding Instructor position previously.

New Hire

Individual that has no prior employment with OSU.

Hiring Steps

  • Program leads complete respective data sheets posted within their BOX folder titled “Part-Time Faculty” as directed, prior to the term in the term-by-term email they receive from HR.  This email provides all needed guidance for the upcoming term including suspense dates for timely hires.  
  • Notify HR once the data sheet is complete for data compilation and initiation of hiring actions. (*No further action is needed for reappoints.)

New Hires and Rehires:  All new term-by-term Instructors are required to apply to the corresponding department pool and go through the full application process.  Program leads are responsible for insuring their applicants apply to the correct/current pool.  Additionally, program leads are responsible for submitting a completed Applicant Disposition Worksheet (ADW) to the Talent Acquisition Consultant.  Program Leads that do not have a current ADW can obtain a new one at the beginning of the hiring process.  No hiring actions or offers will be made to an applicant without a completed ADW. 

Please contact the HR team with any questions, procure clarifications, or concerns.