Faculty Office Move Process


When offices become vacant each summer due to retirements or other reasons, OSU-Cascades faculty value the opportunity to change offices. Office assignment is prioritized based on length of service rather than rank. Each vacant office may result in several faculty moves. OSU-Cascades will use these procedures to organize and execute faculty office moves. This procedure does not apply to office moves to occupy a newly constructed building. Unique procedures will be devised for the move associated with each new building.


The Associate Dean or designee will be responsible for initial formulation of the move plan, determining who will move and to which offices. This includes determining how many offices will become vacant, requesting preferences from faculty and determining the move plan. He/she will consult with the Senior Project Manager for Campus Expansion, Human Resources, the Information Technology Manger and the Associate Director of Facilities and Operations for input on supportability of the plan. The Campus Administrative Coordinator will refine the details of the plan and coordinate execution. He/she will consult with Information Technology and Facilities and Operations to arrange support and ensure that the planned timeframe allows sufficient time for cleaning, touch‐up painting and IT support.

Other specific responsibilities include:

  • distribute the move plan and any updates to all affected faculty and supporting staff
  • send a list of new office assignments to the Campus Operations Coordinator for issuing keys
  • send a list of new office assignments to the Business Office for nameplate preparation
  • confirm move date with each faculty member at least one week in advance

The Campus Administrative Coordinator and the Associate Director of Facilities and Operations will communicate directly with each moving faculty member to confirm arrangements. This includes completing the Faculty Office Move Agreement and confirming the date at least one week in advance.

Faculty who are moving will complete and sign the Faculty Office Move Agreement, acknowledging responsibilities for the move and the scheduled date(s). Barring exceptional circumstances, a faculty member does not substantially complete responsibilities for the move will have $200 deducted from Professional Development funds to pay for the additional support required.

Faculty are responsible to:

  • pack office contents into boxes provided by OSU‐Cascades and leave secured in old office
  • label boxes with faculty name and new office number
  • check out key for new office from Campus Operations Coordinator the day before moving day, on moving day or when returning to campus if not present during the move
  • turn in key from old office to Campus Operations Coordinator on moving day or when picking up the key to the new office if not present on moving day
  • move on the scheduled date so cleaning, maintenance and IT work can happen as scheduled
  • move any breakable items, sensitive items, art and personal furniture (non‐University owned)
  • if not planning to be present on the planned move date, take home all breakable items, sensitive items, art and personal furniture (non‐University owned)
  • leave computers and phones connected for IT to disconnect, move and reconnect
    • if laptop is needed for remote work during the move, arrange with IT Manager and recognize that IT staff cannot confirm connectivity in the new office if the laptop is gone
  • unpack boxes in the new office
  • contact the Campus Administrative Coordinator to discuss any special circumstances

The Information Technology Manager will oversee the disconnection, relocation and reconnection of phones and computers by IT staff.

The Business Office Manager will oversee purchasing of boxes and preparation of office nameplate signage.

The Associate Director of Facilities and Operations will oversee cleaning, maintenance and moving support. Facilities and Operations responsibilities include:

  • reserve a vehicle for moving support (truck or van with seats removed)
  • estimate the number of boxes needed and arrange for the Business Office to purchase
  • distribute boxes to faculty at least one week prior to the first scheduled move
  • clean offices
  • complete touch‐up painting and any needed maintenance in offices
  • move packed boxes, ensuring that they are secure during the entire move process
  • move university owned furniture
  • provide contingency support to compensate for faculty who do not fulfill their responsibilities
  • submit recommended $200 penalty charge(s) for approval by the Associate VP of Finance and Strategic Planning with courtesy copy to the responsible faculty member(s) and the Associate Dean (faculty members may appeal proposed penalty charges by contacting the Associate VP of Finance and Strategic Planning)
  • monitor move‐related costs and report the total cost to the Operations Council and Faculty Executive Council

The Associate Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning will approve or disapprove recommended $200 penalty charge(s) for faculty and, if approved, forward to the Budget Manager for debit from the faculty member’s Professional Development funds.