Student Appeals and Grievances


  1. The University recognizes the importance of providing an opportunity for appeal for students from decisions made by student governing groups, University administrators, committees, and faculty and staff. Particular care is taken to provide safeguards for students in any action which significantly alters their status at the University, e.g. changes their living situation, prohibits them from participating in certain activities, suspends them from the institution, significantly affects their academic standing.
  2. Basic appeal procedures for OSU-Cascades are summarized in the following rules. Any questions regarding appeal procedures should be directed to the individual department or committee involved.
  3. The procedure for a student to appeal a decision made by an OSU-Cascades instructor are below. Unless otherwise specified, all initial appeals must be filed in writing within 15 calendar days of the decision or action being appealed, and all appeals to subsequent steps in the process must be filed within seven calendar days of the date of the decision at the previous level.


OSU-Cascades Student Appeals and Grievance Procedure

A student experiencing a conflict with an instructor will complete the Appeal and Grievance Form and may meet with the following individuals in their attempt to resolve the conflict.

  1. Instructor
  2. Program Coordinator who oversees the program
  3. Program Director who oversees the program
  4. Academic Dean
  5. OSU-Cascades Vice-President