Preferred Scheduling

Scheduling Zone Percent* Time
Zone 1 20 percent 0800-0950
Zone 2 20 percent 1000-1150
Zone 3 20 percent 1200-1350
Zone 4 20 percent 1400-1550
Zone 5 20 percent 1600-1750
Zone 6   1800+

*Percentages indicate maximum number of classes a department can schedule in each zone.


Class Meeting Times, Zone Protocol, Scheduling 3-credits and one-day a week

  1. Classes must begin on the first hour of the zone. Two 50-min classes can be scheduled per zone as long as the class does not overlap zones.
  2. Each department must distribute its classes across all five days of the week (approximately 20 percent per day) and across the full class day (according to the percentages defined for each zone). Each class day has six zones.
  3. Preferred schedule for three-credit courses that meet for 3 hours is in any zone MWF.
  4. Lectures meeting one day a week need to be taught Friday, any day in Zone 6 or have a course that matches exact time such as a one-day Monday needs to align with a one-day Wednesday.
  5. Fridays are often used for department meetings, instructor office hours, research responsibilities, or other tasks related to instructional work. However, Friday is primarily an instructional day and the zone percentages take Friday into account, asking for 20 percent of sections for each day.