Room Scheduling

To schedule classroom

  • Please contact the approved room scheduler for your department
  • For most faculty needs this is Rachel Kenney (
  • To view classroom availability use 25Live.

To checkout a microphone

  • Please visit the library to checkout a microphone for any classroom where in-room amplification is needed.
  • We highly recommend checking out a mic when in-room amplification is needed. This can include if/when the presenter is wearing a face mask, a low speaker, or any meeting participants may be hearing impaired.

To schedule conference rooms

Please Note: Some conference room reservations require an approval process. Please allow time for the approval process when requesting your reservation. To view a list of the conference rooms, as well as the technology in each please reference this page


  • Add the calendar to your Outlook by going to My Calendars→ Add Calendar→ From Room List→ Choose which calendar you want, Cascades TYK 210, 338, etc.

  • You are now able to view the calendar’s availability


    • Go to YOUR Outlook and click on New Meeting

    • From there, put in your meeting information then click on the ‘Rooms’ button to the right of the Location section

    • Search for the room calendar you want, double click, then click Okay

    • Send the invite

    • You will see your request pop up on the room calendar as well as your own

    • There isn’t an approval process with these calendars so the only way it will get denied is if there is a meeting that conflicts

    • If your meeting is accepted, you will see your request pop up on the room calendar as well as your own

    • If your meeting requires approval, you will receive an email with additional instructions

    • If you are still unsure on how to reserve a conference room this instructional video may be helpful 


  • Follow the instructions above but note one difference: Instead of a ‘Rooms’ button, yours will say ‘Reservations’. This will pull up the list to search for a calendar.