Peer Review of Teaching (PROT) process

An evaluative process
Updated Fall 2023

The peer review for promotion processes is different than the teaching improvement expectation

  • Individuals with less than five years of college/university teaching experience are required to spend time each year improving their teaching.  
  • There are multiple options for doing this that you can investigate at the online OSU-Cascades faculty handbook.
  • During your annual PROF, individuals should discuss what was done to improve their teaching.
  • If unsure about anything related to this expectation, please consult your supervisor prior to your PROF.

The PROT is an evaluation of teaching

  • It is completed by a committee of peers (professorial and instructor).
  • This evaluation is input to promotion and tenure processes.
  • It includes course materials, classroom observations, and student interviews.
  • Syllabus should be checked against minimum university requirements.

PROT process

  1. Identification of the PROT committee(s) and chairs by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Committees have three members.
  2. Committee chair works with faculty member to be reviewed to plan the actual review.
  3. Materials for review include prior student evaluations of teaching (if faculty member voluntarily provides), course materials, Canvas materials*, and the syllabus with the schedule.
  4. Classroom observations during weeks 6-8 by pairs of observers.
    • Each committee member should observe at least one class.  
    • The OSU Quality Teaching Framework should be used as a foundation for comment and data collection. The observers look for evidence in teaching for each of these areas and then use that raw data as evidence/support for the teacher having “met” the characteristics of good teaching. They are written broadly so should not be hard to find evidence for in most classrooms. (Revised 7/2023)
  5. Student qualitative written feedback conducted during weeks 9-10 near the end of a class. (Revised 9/14)
    • Two members of the PROT committee (ideally) should meet with students near the end of a class and inform them that the faculty member is undergoing a performance review and that they have an opportunity to provide input. Students should be asked to provide written input using this form to the following two questions. An informal discussion with students in the class may follow as time allows:
      • What is currently happening in this class to support your learning?
      • What additional supports could be added to this course that would further support your success?

6. Write the PROT letter to the Dean of Academic Affairs. All committee members sign/initial the completed letter, and include their rank.

*Faculty member can add reviewer to class roster as an observer on the Canvas site if the reviewer is FERPA trained (similar to adding a TA or co-instructor).   

OSU Quality Teaching Framework (PDF)

For PROT's in AY23-24 faculty may choose to be evaluated using the Six Principles of University Teaching - Oregon State University (PDF) rather than the Quality Teaching Framework.