Ideas to Provide Evidence of Effort Related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Committee/Task Force participation (prepare a statement about what work you accomplished and how it made a difference)

  • Diversity (Cascades or Corvallis)
  • Campus Culture 
  • Task Forces (such as Provost’s on Faculty/Student Recruitment/Retention)
  • Presenting about DEI topics on campus or in the community
  • Developing campus/program equity plans

Participation in workshops (prepare a statement on what you learned, how you have applied that learning, and to what effect)

  • Search Advocate
  • Implicit Bias
  • SafeZone Training
  • Sessions on Social Justice
  • Suicide prevention

Inclusion of specific teaching practices related to DEI (name the course, topic, how it was integrated, and evidence of impact on student learning)

  • Course content or readings
  • Providing service learning/internships/study abroad experiences designed to create cultural sensitivity
  • Specific teaching of behaviors that result in a civil learning environment
  • Using personal under-represented or minority status or international experiences as teaching tools

Specific efforts to benefit specific under-represented students (name effort and outcomes)

  • Seeking funds to support students in need (scholarship, internships, emergency funds)
  • Research mentoring for under-represented students
  • Recruitment activities targeted at under-represented groups (acting as a guest speaker, etc.)
  • Creating program pathways to encourage under-represented groups from places like K-12 schools and community colleges
  • Using second language skills to support students
  • Bringing in diverse individuals as speakers
  • Work on a community issue related to DEI in teaching or scholarship