Policy Guide

The OSU-Cascades Residence Hall Policy Guide serves as an extension of the OSU-Cascades Room and Dining Contract that each resident signs before moving into on-campus housing. When the Room and Dining contract is signed the resident has agreed to all of the policies outlined in this guide.

Please note that changes to this policy guide may be made at any time by authorized OSU-Cascades staff. Please review this policy guide periodically to ensure that you have reviewed the latest version so that you may remain in compliance with all policies.

Safety and Security: A Shared Responsibility

Each student living on campus per their Room and Dining Contract, agree to take primary responsibility for his or her own safety and security, and to support the safety and security of fellow residents, the buildings and dining areas. OSU-Cascades will work cooperatively with students to promote a safe and secure environment, although absolute safety cannot be guaranteed. The student agrees to read and abide by security policies and precautions stated in this publication and other university publications. Please refer to the following website osucascades.edu/campus-safety for information about crisis and disaster response. OSU-Cascades strongly recommends that all students register for the campus alert system.

Residential Students with Vehicles

OSU-Cascades' sustainability, and health and wellness goals support active transportation for all members of the campus community. Students who live on-campus and choose to bring a personal vehicle must follow OSU-Cascades parking policies.