Changing Rooms

Oregon State University - Cascades students have two options for changing their on-campus housing.

  1. Room change
  2. Room swap

Room changes and swaps will be available each term from weeks 2 through 9, so long as we are not oversubscribed for housing.

Room Change Process:

Important Information:

  • Room Changes are done based on availability
  • Room Changes are done on first-come-first serve basis
  • Room Change Requests are term-by-term
  • If you have requested a room change and we cannot accommodate it before the end of the term, your request will be deleted and you will need to submit a new request at the beginning of the next term.


1. Meet with our Residential Education and Housing staff

  • Our hall staff will want to know if there are specific reasons you would like to move that should be addressed within the community.
  • If your request to change rooms is approved, we will work with you to find the best living situation for you based on the available spaces.

2. Room Change Offer

  • If we have a space available based on the preferences you have indicated, you will receive an email offering you a room change. You will have a limited time, specified in the email, to accept or decline the space. Not responding in the allotted time will be the equivalent of declining the offer.
  • Declined offers (including no responses) will result in the request being deleted.

3. Complete the Room Change

  • If you choose to accept the new space, you will be able to start moving into your new space at an agreed upon date and time that will be sent in an email. You have approximately 72 hours to make the move, at which point you access to your old space will be cut off. 
  • When moving out of your old room, follow the guidelines found on the Moving Out web page when cleaning your room.

Room Swap Process:

The room swap option is ideal for students who would like to swap spaces with another student in their same hall. Room swaps follow the same process as room changes, except for these things:

  1. All students in both rooms need to agree to the swap.
  2. All students who are swapping must meet or communicate with hall staff to confirm that rooms have been swapped and all persons are in the correct space.