Four ways to meet people in the residence hall

1. Have an open-door policy.


When you're at home in your residence hall room, don't be afraid to leave your door open—it's a good way to strike up conversations with your neighbors.

2. Share a meal.


Everybody's got to eat, right? Instead of taking food to-go and eating in your room, ask your neighbors if they want to walk to the Beaver Dam with you.

3. Ask for homework help.


Take advantage of the fact that many of your neighbors are most likely first-year students just like you, and someone in your hall is most likely in the same classes you are.

4. Give it time.


If you feel lonely when you first start college, rest assured: that's normal.

Find a club.


No matter what you're into, someone else here is probably into it it too. From clay to solar cars, if OSU-Cascades doesn't have  student club or organization for you, you can make your own. Check out a meeting and find some like-minded Bend Beavs.

Attend an event.


There are free student events on campus every week. Check out the Office or Student Life, ASCC, and the Campus Calendar for things to do with other Bend Beavs.

Talk to someone.


If you're feeling lonely and want to talk to someone about it, use the free counseling services available through Student Wellness. Try a group or one-on-one session.