Peer Review of Teaching (PROT) guiding questions

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Syllabus and Instructional Plan: 

  • Does the syllabus clearly state learning objectives, expectations, assignments, and due dates? 
  • If a BACC CORE or WIC course, are the assessments specifically linked directly to the SLOs in the appropriate categories?
  • Does the syllabus include inclusive and positive language?
  • Does the syllabus include the required DAS language (and other required policies)
  • Do the assignments clearly align with the course learning objectives? 

Learning Environment:  How does the instructor model and require positive, respectful, culturally relevant social interaction in the classroom?

  • Is the instructor’s attitude open and engaging?  Respectful of the students?
  • Does the instructional style demonstrate culturally inclusive pedagogy and practice?  Did the instructor appropriately interact with various cultures and genders represented in the class demographics?
  • Does the instructor adapt spoken language to be inclusive? 
  • Does the instructor acknowledge students as persons, for example, by using their names? 
  • Does the instructor promote opportunity to take risks in learning and to learn from mistakes?
  • Does the instructor communicate learning objectives and support high expectations?

Student Engagement: 

  • Does the instructor begin and end class on time?
  • How does the instructor introduce the topic?  (connection to prior learning, compelling question, brief activity or demonstration, etc.)
  • Does the instructor engage all of the students in the classroom in some way – especially the quiet students, or perhaps seek a gender balance the class discussion--so that all students get a chance to interact in some way? (Mixed calling on students, partner or table share & discuss)
  • Does the instructor invite multiple perspectives?

Instruction:   How does the instructor use instructional strategies to enhance student learning?

  • Is the instructor’s voice and pacing adequate for the content, the class timing, and student engagement? (Gives time for processing, thought, questions, response; not-monotoned)
  • Does the instructor use visuals to complimentthe lecture rather than only orally communicate most of the lecture? (Board problems, power point, doc cam, etc.)
  • Does the instructor provide some form of self-assessment for students (students given the opportunity to consider what they know so far and where they struggle or need to go), and adapt the teaching to that self-assessment feedback? 
  • Does the instructor interweave active learning into the lecture? (discussion, pair shares, projects, etc.)

Assess: How does the instructor use informal and formal assessment to gauge student progress in learning and to inform their own instruction?

  • Is formal assessment clearly described on the syllabus? 
  • Is the instructor checking for understanding throughout the class period and adapting teaching to that informal assessment?
  • Do students have a method of self-assessment, or personal learning reflections?
  • How is feedback provided to each student?
  • Is evaluation done in a timely manner, providing feedback as well as a grade/score?
  • How does the instructor support the struggling student?