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  • To be eligible to register for classes, you must read through this webpage.

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What is FERPA?

FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This legislation protects the privacy of your student records and regulates how information is utilized. The release of student records at Oregon State University is bound by the federal law (FERPA), the Oregon Revised Statutes, and by the Oregon Administrative Rules.

Your FERPA rights begin when you are considered a student at OSU. The institutional definition of a student is when an individual has registered for orientation or has registered for classes, whichever comes first.

Where can I obtain the FERPA form?

You may choose to release information to identified individuals by completing the online FERPA – Student Consent to Release Information form. The form is shared between Office of the Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, Office of Business Affairs, and Academic Advising offices to share information over the phone, zoom or via email.

Is full confidentiality available?

Yes, you may restrict the release of your student information by completing a Confidentiality Request form. The confidentiality restriction prevents employees of OSU from providing any information to anyone who does not have a legitimate educational interest.

When a confidentiality restriction is in place we can only discuss your student record with you if you are present in person with picture identification. For students who have a confidentiality restriction in place but are unable to visit the office in person, the student may communicate with OSU offices via their OSU-issued email address ( Confidentiality does not mean anonymity in classes at OSU.

NO information may be released about students who have established the confidentiality of their records.

Please click here to learn more about FERPA and to report a breach.

What is ONID?

OSU Network Identification (ONID) is a universal computer account for all OSU students and employees. By creating your ONID account, you will have access to:

  • Your university email
  • Beaver Hub
  • Canvas
  • Computers in the computer lab and printer
  • OSU-Cascades Library Services and more

How do I sign up for ONID?

  • Click here to sign up for ONID.
  • Click here for video instructions.

Download the OSU Mobile App

You can check grades, dining hall hours, class assignments and much more using the OSU Mobile app. Search for OSU Mobile and download the app for free, then choose OSU-Cascades as your campus.

What is Beaver Hub?

Beaver Hub is a student portal for registration, student records, financial aid and more. Please review Beaver Hub launch page to learn more and watch tutorial videos.

What is available to me in Beaver Hub

Beaver Hub permits you to conduct much of your business with the university. The services available but are not limited to:

  • Update your personal contact information
  • Add/drop/withdraw courses
  • Review grades
  • Access MyDegrees
  • Check and review your financial aid
  • View and pay your bills
  • Sign up for a direct deposit
  • View your unofficial transcript and request an official transcript

Duo for Oregon State

The Duo is a two-step login to protect your OSU account as passwords are no longer enough. The Duo is required for confidential financial information such as direct deposit information, W-2’s and other forms containing Social Security number.

How do I enable DUO?

Follow the steps found on the OSU Duo website to set up Duo for Oregon State. You will need to use your smartphone, tablet to download the free Duo mobile app or purchase a hardware token at the Cashier's Desk in Obsidian Hall. Please review the Hardware Token page for more details and instructions. 

Please note that when you enable the DUO (two-step login) for your account, it will be required whenever you log in using your OSU credentials via SSO. Students, be aware that enabling the two-step login may impact your ability to take computer-based tests. Canvas currently does not require the two-step login.


If you have any issues or questions with the two-step login system go to or contact the IS Service Desk.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a web-based platform for your course materials, assignments, grades, communication, collaboration and all activities related to courses, teaching, and learning.

Where is Canvas?

The Canvas is accessible through Beaver Hub. Please log in using your ONID username and password.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is Oregon State University's official video conferencing platform for use during campus closures. Students, faculty and staff are use Zoom to create and host high-quality online meetings, classes and events, and leverage Zoom's video, chat, breakout rooms, screen-sharing and whiteboard capabilities.

Where is Zoom?

Technology Checklist

Engineering Students should review the New Student Preparation page for more details and account set up specifically for College of Engineering majors.

How do I receive financial aid?

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSAonline each year. Please use OSU school code 003210 for OSU-Cascades.

When should I file FAFSA?

  • Fill out FAFSA every year on and after October 1 for the next academic year 
  • OSU priority FAFSA deadline is February 28, but earlier is better.

How do I "transfer" my financial aid?

You add the school of your choice to your FAFSA school selection to receive financial aid through that school. Please add OSU-Cascades using our federal school code 003210. Once we receive your FAFSA, we will process your application and package your financial aid offer.

IMPORTANT: If you recently received aid at another school, please contact their financial aid office and cancel your financial aid. You cannot receive aid at more than one school at a time.

Added OSU to my FAFSA. What is my next step?

You can check the status of your financial aid through Beaver Hub. Your financial aid file is on the Finances tab.

  • You will need to select the appropriate academic year to view the status of your financial aid for that academic year.
    • 2020-2021 for Winter 21 and Spring 21
    • 2021-2022 for Summer 21 through Spring 22
  • Be sure to check your university email account often as OSU Financial Aid Office communicates with you via your university email only for security reasons.
  • Please submit the requested documents and forms as soon as you can. If no additional documents are needed, you will simply receive your aid offer. Be sure to follow their instructions thoroughly and review/make a decision on your financial aid offers. Please click here for step-by-step instructions if you need help.

NOTE: Financial aid, student account, billing, direct deposit, and many more money related items are on the Finances tab in your student portal.

First-time student loan borrower?

Please go to and complete the following required online sessions. You will need about at least 45 minutes to complete both. You must complete these sessions to receive your loans. 

Do I qualify for financial aid if I am not a full-time student?

Yes! You can still receive financial aid, but please note the following:

  • You have to notify the financial aid office in advance by submitting the Enrollment Revision Request form at least 2 weeks before the start of term.
  • You can upload the form on your financial aid file or email it to Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.
  • If you neglect to submit this form in advance your financial aid will pay out after the Financial Aid Census Date.
  • Please note that your aid may be adjusted based on your actual enrolled credit hours.

What are the financial aid disbursement requirements?

  • You have to take at least 6-8 credits to receive federal student aid.
  • You should complete your registration by the Financial Aid Census Date to receive your financial aid in full. Classes added after the Census Date may not be used toward financial aid eligibility. Please email the Financial Aid Services at if you have special circumstances.
  • Your financial aid may be adjusted based on your registered hours as of the Census Date.
  • Please click here for the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) financial aid requirements and processes.

When does financial aid pay out at OSU-Cascades?

OSU Financial Aid Office disburses your aid about a week before the start of the term if you are registered full-time (12 credits or more).

  • If you do not receive your financial aid during the initial disbursement or by the end of Week 1 of the term, please check your registration first and then contact the Office of Enrollment Services.
  • If you are taking less than 12 credits and you did not submit the Enrollment Revision form in advance your financial aid will disburse during Week 2 of the term.

Where does my financial aid go?

Your financial aid and scholarship are credited directly to your OSU student account after tuition and fees, housing and dining charges, if applicable, are posted. If the amount of your financial aid and scholarships is greater than your student account balance, the difference will be refunded to you by the Student Accounts Office. If you have questions about your bill or refund, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 541-737-3775.

How do I receive my refund?

  • Paper check: If you do not have a direct deposit set up before the start of the term you will receive a check in the mail. Please update your mailing address through your student portal, if needed.
  • Direct deposit: If you have enrolled in direct deposit, you will receive your refund within 2-3 business days after the refund is posted to your student account. You can sign up for direct deposit online through your student portal.

Keep in mind that even if you receive a refund you should still be checking your student account and monthly eBill statements as you still may owe a balance on your student account.

Please visit the Financial Aid Office website for detailed information on how financial aid works at OSU.

Need help or have questions?

Please contact the Office of Enrollment Services for basic questions and concerns regarding your financial aid.

  • Phone: 541-706-2101 (please leave a voicemail with full name and OSU ID number)
  • Email: (please email from ONID, include your full name and OSU ID number)
  • Click here for the Financial Aid Services remote office hours and/or to make an appointment with the financial aid coordinator.

Check out the university calendar or the Financial Aid Services page for information on financial aid info sessions and workshops.

I have outside scholarships. Where should the scholarship check go?

All private and outside scholarship checks should be mailed to the Student Account Services in Corvallis at the below mailing address for processing and disbursement. Be sure to include your OSU student ID number. Never disclose your SSN. Please contact Student Account Services at 541-737-3775 if you any questions or issues with your outside scholarships.

IMPORTANT: If you're in the DPP, your outside scholarship check needs to go to your home school.

Student Account Services
P.O.Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339

I received OSU scholarships. How and when do I receive them?

OSU scholarships disburse to your OSU student account when the financial aid disburses. You have to be enrolled in at least 12 credits including 6 credits at OSU. Some scholarships may pay after the Financial Aid Census Date due to DPP enrollment. 

What should I do if my OSU scholarships don't pay?

First, check your enrollment status and make sure you are enrolled full-time (12+ credits). Then contact the Enrollment Services office at 541-706-2101.

When do I apply for OSU-Cascades scholarships?

OSU-Cascades scholarship timeframe is from Nov 1 through Feb 15 each year. Please submit your general application through the ScholarDollar portal. You will need your ONID username and password to login. Be sure to submit a new application each year.

Where can I find scholarships for next year?

You can apply for and obtain scholarships from several sources - OSU, OSAC, and private organizations and donors.

OSU: There many OSU websites that can help you find additional scholarship opportunities.

OSAC: Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) is a State office committed to assisting Oregonians in their pursuit of higher education and a brighter future. OSAC administers a variety of state, federal, and privately funded student financial aid programs including hundreds of scholarships. The application period is Nov 1 - Mar 1 each year. OSAC is not affiliated with OSU. Please contact OSAC directly if you need help.

Private: You can apply for as many private scholarships as you would like. The ScholarDollar has an "external opportunities" list where you may be able to find additional outside/external opportunities.

Need help with your scholarship applications? OSU-Cascades Financial Aid Services host info sessions and workshops during the fall and winter terms. Please check out the university calendar or the Financial Aid Services page for dates and times.

Degree Partnership Program (DPP)

This program allows you to be jointly admitted and enrolled at OSU-Cascades and any of our other community college partner schools including COCC.

  • You have to apply 4 weeks before the start of the term.
  • Once admitted you can take classes at both schools.
  • Your academic advising is still through OSU-Cascades.
  • If you're receiving financial aid and scholarships, you have to choose one of the schools as your home school and receive your aid through your home school.
  • Each home school has varying enrollment requirements. Please click here to view it.
  • Your home school does not send money to your partner school to pay your bill there if you have any. You are responsible for paying your bill at your partner school.
  • Contact the Enrollment Services Office if you have any questions about the DPP program.
  • To change your home school please email from your OSU email and include the following:
    • Your full name
    • Your OSU ID
    • Effective term
    • New home school

COCC Degree Partnership Program

If you are OSU-Cascades-COCC DPP student please click at the following link for the Registration and advising information.

Other Community College Partnerships

Information for other DPP community college partner schools around the state.

What is Disability Access Services (DAS)?

The DAS provides accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy for qualified students with various disabilities. You will need to work with the DAS to receive special accommodations during your studies at OSU-Cascades. Please visit the DAS website to get started and set up your services in advance.

Who is the DAS representative at OSU-Cascades?

Lindsey Bakos, interim Disability Access Services representative at OSU-Cascades, can be reached by email at

Who do I contact at COCC for DAS?

You will need to contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office at COCC. Please visit their website and contact their coordinator, Jamie Rougeux, at 541-383-7743 or by email.

How do I receive my veteran educational benefit through OSU-Cascades?

To get started, please review the Veterans Services webpage for a detailed checklist.

  • If you are a degree-seeking student you have to be officially admitted to OSU-Cascades before you can start the veteran educational benefits process. Please contact the Enrollment Services Office at if you have questions and concerns about your admissions application.
    • Transferring? After you are admitted to OSU-Cascades, you must complete the VA form 22-1995 to change your place of training (school) and obtain a new certificate of eligibility. Please send a copy of your new certificate of eligibility to the certifying officials at so you can be set-up to receive your benefits through OSU.
  • If you are a non-degree-seeking student, please have your home school send us your parent school letter.

When should I apply for my veteran educational benefits with the VA?

You should apply for your VA education benefits while you are going through the admissions process at OSU-Cascades.

  • You should receive your Certificate of Eligibility by mail about a month after you apply to the VA.
  • The copy of this letter should be submitted to the certifying officials through the VA/Military benefits intake form.

Is there a veterans representative at OSU-Cascades?

Yes. Below is the contact information of our Veterans Services Coordinator.

Who are the certifying officials?

The certifying officials are trained specialists who report your enrollment and enrollment changes to the VA. They also communicate with you, your academic advisor and the VA regarding your certification and benefit status. Below is their contact information.

Finals schedule

The final examinations are administered during the final class meeting. Please check your class syllabi for final exams dates.

OSU academic regulations apply for OSU-Cascades classes

OSU-Cascades does not require students to pre-pay tuition before the start of the term; however, your balance must be zero before you can register for the following term. Please contact the Enrollment Services Office at 541-706-2101 | if you have extenuating circumstances.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees vary by the number of credits taken. Your tuition and fees are posted to your student account about a week before the start of the term if you have registered. Please note the following fees:

  • Matriculation fee - all degree-seeking new students (undergraduate and graduate) are charged a one-time fee of $350 at the start of their first term at OSU-Cascades 
  • Mandatory fees - all degree-seeking students pay the building, incidental and health services fees each term, actual rates vary based on enrollment
  • Course fees - may apply, see the online schedule of classes

When is tuition due?

You will receive an electronic billing statement (e-Bill) in your university email account with a tuition due date. Your account balance is "due upon receipt" of the monthly statement, and any unpaid balances are considered past due and subject to an interest charge of 1% per month (12% APR).

  • It is very important that you check your OSU email often.
  • The online Academic Calendar provides important dates for each term including the tuition due date. Click here to view the online academic calendar.

Where can I check my account balance?

You can view and check your account balance in Beaver Hub on the Finance tab.

Where can I pay my bill?

You may pay your bills in the following ways:

  • Online - eCheck and/or credit card can be used to pay bills online. Go to Beaver Hub. Your student account and the link to the online billing portal are located on the 'Finances' tab.
  • Mail - Checks can be mailed to the following address. Please include your OSU student ID number on the check. Never disclose your SSN.

Attn: Cashiers Office
1500 SW Chandler Ave
Bend, OR 97702

For video overviews of any of the above processes, visit the MyBill Training page.

Where/How do I get Textbooks?

OSU-Cascades does not have a physical bookstore on campus.

  • You will need to purchase or rent textbooks online through the OSU Beaverstore Bookstore.
  • Faculty will expect that students have course materials by the first day of class.
  • Textbooks link is on class schedule, posted on Canvas and -> View My Textbooks
  • If you are in DPP and OSU is your home school, you do not have a bookstore credit at COCC's bookstore.

What immunizations are required?

Domestic students are required to provide the following vaccinations record or provide a lab test documenting immunity to below diseases. If your immunization record is not updated by the 7th week of your first term, a registration hold will be placed on your account, prohibiting next term registration.

OSU requires the following immunizations:

  • MMR - Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • MCV4 - Meningococcal: Students under the age of 22 must provide documentation of one dose of MCV4 received on or after turning 16 years old.
  • TDAP - Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis: Immunization for Tdap dose received on or after 2005 or received within the last 10 years.
  • Varicella (chickenpox): Vaccination record or a date of disease is accepted.
  • HEP B - Hepatitis B: Vaccination record or a date of disease is accepted.

Where do I submit my immunization records?

Use the online Student Health Services Portal.

When do I need to submit my immunization records?

If not received by the 7th week of your first term, a hold will be placed on your account, prohibiting next term registration.

Where do I get my OSU-Cascades ID Card?

All persons applying for an OSU-Cascades ID card must come in person to the ID Center located at the Mail Room in the Residence Hall breezeway. You will receive your OSU ID card immediately after your photo is taken.

  • The first ID card is FREE.
  • Students taking COCC classes may also get a COCC ID card at no charge available at Boyle Education Center on the COCC campus
  • Proof of registration may be required.

What does my OSU-Cascades ID card do?

  • Ease of printing in the Computer Lab
  • Access to the Fitness Center
  • Orange Cash: place money on your ID card for use at the Beaver Dam Cafe (10% automatic food discount)
  • Free City Bus Pass
  • Discounts at select businesses

Please visit the Transportation Services and Parking webpages for more information regarding your parking options, transportation opportunities and incentives.

What is Public Safety?

The OSU-Cascades Department of Public Safety provides security services to the faculty, staff and students at the OSU-Cascades campus.

Safety/Security on Campus

  • For an emergency: Call 911
  • For a non-emergency: Please call OSU-Cascades Public Safety at 541-322-3110
  • See annual Clery statistics on campus safety website
  • Emergency blue boxes will direct call to public safety
  • Lost and Found is located in Obsidian Hall 108

Winter Weather (has school been canceled?)

Sign up for email or text alerts and notifications at the following links:

Evacuation or Drill

Meet in center of campus parking lot

Housing for Transfer Students

Living in the heart of Beaver Nation is a great way to get connected to life on campus. More than a third of our residents are sophomores and above, many of them transfer students. With flexible contracts, a variety of room and suite options, and professional live-in staff to answer questions, living on campus can simplify your transfer process.

No deposit or security fees, and all utilities included

Live on campus and avoid the hassle of off-campus rentals. Living on campus means one bill and no required deposits or security fees! All utilities, WiFi and laundry facilities are included. Our residence hall offers a state-of-the-art fitness center and bike/ski/snowboard storage.

Where You'll Live

All room types are open to sophomore-level and above students, but many choose to live in single-occupancy rooms with a private bathroom, or with other graduate or upper-division students in apartment-style suites, complete with kitchenette.

Please contact the Residential Education and Housing at if you have any questions.


You have FREE access to most of following amenities and services on campus. Please utilize them for your advantage and success. 

Tykeson Hall – TYKH
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Obsidian Hall – OBSN
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Residence Hall
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Graduate & Research Center – GRC
650 SW Columbia at Colorado


Enrollment Services – Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Billing, and General Questions

(541) 706-2101

Enrollment Services Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.