Preparing to Arrive & Move In

First-Year Student Move-In

Saturday, September 21st 9:30am - 4:00pm


Returning and Transfer Student Move-In

Sunday, September 22nd 10:00am - 2:00pm


Fall 2024 Move-In Day Information

Residential Education and Housing is planning to provide the best move-in experience in an efficient and friendly way. 

  • Unloading and moving assistance may be available.
  • You may want to bring your own hand truck (dollies) or moving cart. We will have a limited number of metal moving carts and hand trucks (dollies) available to assist with your move if you wish to use them. 
  • Consider reducing the amount of personal belongings that you bring to campus. This will help ensure a quick and easy unloading process. 
  • Review the "What to Bring" checklist. Check the supplemental list of health related items you may want to consider bringing.


Understanding Your Room & Dining Contract

It is important to read and understand the Room and Dining Contract before you sign it.  A few basic facts about the contract can be found online, however, it is important to refer to the Room and Dining Contract for specific details and provisions.


What to Bring?

A general list of what to bring and what to leave behind is available to help you as you pack for OSU-Cascades. We suggest working with your roommate and/or suitemate so that you don't bring two of the same item.



Many college roommates often turn out to be lifelong friends. However, one of the most challenging aspects of college can be living with a roommate. Typically, this is the first time you have either lived in the same room with someone or lived with a person you know little about. Either way, living with someone in a small space can be difficult but with perseverance and determination this can be a rewarding experience. 

Although many roommates get along from check-in day, below are some tips on developing successful suitemate/roommate relationships:


OSU-Cascades ID Card

Get started by uploading a photo for your OSU-Cascades Student ID. Visit and click the photo upload link on the bottom left of the page. Once you are logged into MyCard, you select upload a photo from the menu on the left and follow the instructions. Your student ID serves as your room key on campus and you will receive your ID at move-in. If you are around Bend, you may get your OSU-Cascades ID Card at the the Mail & ID Center prior to the term start.

Your OSU-Cascades ID Card not only permits you to enter your residence hall and pay for purchases at the dining centers, but it also provides access to the following services:

  • Access to the Residence Hall
  • Campus dining, coffee shop, and Orange Cash
  • The Fitness Room


Preparing to arrive

OSU ID card

Bring your OSU ID card to check in if you are a returning student. You will need it to access your building and to eat in the dining center.

New students will need to, upload a photo for their OSU-Cascades Student ID. Visit and click the photo upload link on the bottom left of the page. Once logged into MyCard, students can select and upload a photo from the menu on the left and follow the instructions. Without an OSU ID card, you will be required to show an alternate ID at check-in and our staff will advise you on temporary options.

Receiving mail

Our address is: 1500 SW Chandler Avenue, Bend, OR 97702

You can send packages or mail to your residence hall address no earlier than one week prior to move-in. The mailroom will hold your mail and packages until the end of the first week of Fall Term. 

Loft kits

If you would like to sign up for a loft kit please sign up through your housing application in the myHousing portal. The rental charge for a loft kit is $220, which can be billed to your student account in Fall Term. For more information on loft kit reservations, please view the loft kit page.

Personal Property (Renters) Insurance

Residential Education and Housing recommends purchasing Personal Property or Renters Insurance either through your family’s existing account, or through one of many insurance agencies.

Bringing a car

With easy access to grocery stores, restaurants and other destinations within walking distance from campus, many students find bringing a car is not necessary. 

If you need to bring a car, register your car before bringing a vehicle. More information about purchasing a residential parking permit can be found on the Transportation Services website.

Bringing a bike

Indoor bike storage is not available for the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 academic year. Students who bring a bike may secure it in the covered bike storage area in the center of campus. Student may also choose to keep their bike in their room, if it's okay with their roommate. Please see Campus Safety's recommendations for Bikes on Campus.