Winter 2021 Move-In on Sunday, January 3, 2021

In order to align with health and safety guidelines, Residential Education and Housing is planning to provide the best move-in experience in a physically distanced and efficient manner.  Please be aware of the following:

  • Unloading and moving assistance will not be available.
  • You may want to bring your own hand truck (dollies) or moving cart. We will have a limited number of metal moving carts and hand trucks (dollies) available to assist with your move if you wish to use them. The carts will be wiped down with a sanitizing solution between uses.
  • Each student can bring up to two (2) family members or guests to assist with moving belongings. Do not bring anyone who may be sick or considered high risk for sickness. Move-in helpers will not be permitted on the residential floors after 7pm. 
  • Per local and University guidelines, all individuals will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of the move-in process and when in the common areas in and around the residence hall.
  • Consider reducing the amount of personal belongings that you bring to campus. This will help ensure a quick and easy unloading process. 
  • Review the "What to Bring" checklist. Check the supplemental list of health related items you may want to consider bringing. 

Required COVID-19 testing prior to move-in

OSU-Cascades will require a COVID-19 test processed through OSU-Cascades of all incoming campus residents. Check back for more information about testing. 

Understanding Your Room & Dining Contract

It is important to read and understand the Room and Dining Contract before you sign it.  A few basic facts about the contract can be found online, however, it is important to refer to the Room and Dining Contract for specific details and provisions.

What to Bring?

A general list of what to bring and what to leave behind is available to help you as you pack for OSU-Cascades. We suggest working with your suitemate and/or roommate so that you don't bring two of the same item.


Many college roommates often turn out to be lifelong friends. However, one of the most challenging aspects of college can be living with a roommate. Typically, this is the first time you have either lived in the same room with someone or lived with a person you know little about. Either way, living with someone in a small space can be difficult but with perseverance and determination this can be a rewarding experience. 

As all rooms will be single occupancy for the 2020-2021 academic year, you will be selecting a suitemate rather than a roommate during the application process.

Although many roommates get along from check-in day, below are some tips on developing successful suitemate/roommate relationships:


If you did not pick up your OSU-Cascades ID Card at and earlier date, please pick it up at the the mailroom prior to checking into housing. Your OSU-Cascades ID Card not only permits you to enter your residence hall and pay for purchases at the dining centers, but it also provides access to the following services:

  • Access to the Residence Hall
  • Campus dining, coffee shop, and Orange Cash
  • The Fitness Room

Move-in Guide

Our move-in guide will provide you instructions for getting to Bend and settling in to your new home!