As an Oregon State University campus, OSU-Cascades adheres to policies and procedures outlined by the OSU Board of Trustees and OSU leadership.  For policies and standard operating procedures specific to OSU-Cascades, five Councils form the foundation of our governance structure, with our faculty and staff serving in leadership roles on each. Recommendations made by the Councils are presented to the OSU-Cascades Leadership Team for final adoption. Standing and ad hoc committees provide further representation for members of the campus community.

Academic Faculty Council

The Academic Faculty Council represents the faculty at-large and makes academic recommendations to the Leadership Team. In addition, the AFC supports the work of the academic committees financially through proposal requests.

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Co-Curricular Council

The Co-Curricular Council evaluates, reviews and establishes non-academic and co-curricular learning and student engagement opportunities in order to ensure alignment with OSU and OSU-Cascades’ mission, goals and institutional learning outcomes. It recommends the new student success programs and changes in existing programs.

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Diversity Council

The Diversity Council integrates and advances equity and social justice within all aspects of OSU-Cascades by:

  1. Serving as liaisons between the Diversity Committee and their respective departments, councils, and committees
  2. Advocating to leadership for strategic investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and campaigns in support of the strategic plan.
  3. Supporting the Diversity Coordinator in identifying and planning innovative and transformative learning experiences enabling all students and employees to advance equity and social justice.

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Operations Resource Council

The Operations Resource Council develops guiding rules and procedures that move campus infrastructure and operations toward fiscal, operational and environmental sustainability. The council serves as a forum for operations groups within OSU-Cascades.

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Staff Executive Council

The Staff Executive Council represents the staff at-large and makes staff-related recommendations to the Leadership Team.

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