The Staff Executive Council represents the staff at-large and makes staff-related recommendations to the Leadership Team.

Council Members

Nik Barney
Robert Flood
Rachel Kenney
Kira Lueck
Dianna McGinnis
Kate Moses
Anthony Parker-Hoang
Lori Waters
Jordon Zardinejad

Want to recognize a faculty or staff member for exemplary contributions to our community? Submit them here.

Campus Culture Committee

Craig Brauner
Andrew Hawley
Nancy Kelly
Terri Libert
Dennis Lynn
Brad Martin
Brooke Martindale
Carmen Martinez
Madison Mather
Nicki Migdal
Kate Moses (Chair)
Nathan Moses
Evan Randall
David Redell
Rachael Schuetz
Sheryl Spann
Dayna Swanson
Olivia Townsend
Lori Waters
Kristen Wright

Our affinity groups offer opportunities to meet with like-minded colleagues around campus. Here are our current groups:

Lunch Time Meet and Greets

Campus Culture Committee hosts lunch time meet and greets.  These lunches invite a selection of faculty and staff to gather for lunch to get to know one another better.  A member of the Campus Culture Committee and our campus Leadership Team will be available at each lunch to help facilitate conversation and answer any questions you may have around campus culture or priority projects.