Council Members

  • Tania Mahood (Chair)
  • Jordon Zardinejad (vice-chair)
  • Kelly Sparks (Sponsor)
  • Brian Palmer
  • Steve Pitman
  • Nathan Moses (interim)
  • Lori Waters
  • Andrew Hawley
  • Christine Coffin
  • Peter Sparks
  • Lanell Garbini
  • ASCC Representative


Operations Resource Council is charged to serve as your resource, and offering input regarding operational changes.  Our team is made up of a diverse group of faculty and staff with significant operational experience.  In addition to providing input and advice, this group can offer guidance connecting you to the correct university resources to ensure your changes are positioned for success. 

ORC Charge:

  1. Providing input, guiding, and endorsing information put forth by sub-committees to leadership
  2. Adding, advocating, and communicating governance around operational processes/rules
  3. Advising and consulting on operations around campus

Accessibility Committee

Chair - TBA
Maribeth Erlich
Steve Pitman

Art on Campus Committee

Campus Safety Committee

The OSU-Cascades Safety Committee functions as a vital element of the OSU Safety Program as required by Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. The Committee reviews OSU-Cascades internal safety policies and procedures, encourages positive safety attitudes and performance, and serves as the forum for addressing issues affecting the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and visitors.

The Safety Committee would like to encourage the OSU-Cascades community to provide feedback for the committee on safety policies, concerns, or comments.

TBD (Chair)
Julia Barney
Scott Geddes
Daniel Miles
Steve Pitman
Wen Wick

Safety committees must perform the following activities:

  • Work with management to establish, amend or adopt accident investigation procedures that will identify and correct hazards.
  • Have a system that allows employees an opportunity to report hazards and safety and health related suggestions.
  • Establish procedures for reviewing inspection reports and for making recommendations to management.
  • Evaluate all accident and incident investigations and make recommendations for ways to prevent similar events from occurring.
  • Make safety committee meeting minutes available for all employees to review.
  • Evaluate management’s accountability system for safety and health, and recommend improvements. Examples include use of incentives, discipline, and evaluating success in controlling safety and health hazards.

Please contact the committee chair for copies of the minutes:

Laurie Fletcher

Teaching Lab Safety Committee

Pat Ball
Scott Geddes (Chair)

Sustainability Committee

Casey Bergh (Chair)
Christine Coffin
Ben McCraw
Steve Pitman
Ryan Scheirer
Brian Tanis
Kirsten Weiss