Academic Faculty Council

The Academic Faculty Council assumes shared responsibility with the administration for the creation, maintenance, and protection of a university environment conducive to the full and free development and preservation of scholarly learning, teaching, and research.

To accomplish these objectives the OSU-Cascades Academic Faculty Council, representing the OSU-Cascades Academic Faculty, shall have responsibility to make recommendations to the OSU Faculty Senate or administration for OSU-Cascades or OSU with respect to academic policies, educational standards, curricula, and academic regulations; study and prepare recommendations to the OSU-Cascades or OSU administration concerning the welfare of the OSU-Cascades Academic Faculty; provide the means through which any matter of general interest to the OSU-Cascades Academic Faculty or pertaining to the institution and its purpose may be brought to the OSU Faculty Senate or administration for OSU-Cascades or OSU for discussion and appropriate action.

Council Members

Lucy Purgason (chair)
Melisa DeMeyer (past chair)
David Engel (chair elect)
Kyle Webb (unit 1)
Aidas Banaitis (unit 2)
Brianne Kothari (unit 3)
Kristina Smith (unit 4)
Molly Moran (unit 5)
Christina Cappy (unit 6)
Nick Dahl (ex officio-Faculty Senate)

Research Excellence Committee

Bahman Abbasi
Christine Coffin
JJ Hannigan
Skuyler Herzog
Tori Howes
Brianne Kothari
Adam Krynicki
Kreg Lindberg (co-chair)
Jennifer Reimer
Dina Ribbink (co-chair)
Shannon Lipscomb (ex officio, as director of research)

Teaching Excellence Committee

AY22-23 membership TBD