OSU’s Strategic Plan 4.0: Transformation, Excellence and Impact

OSU-Cascades’ Strategic Plan 4.0 derives from OSU’s Strategic Plan 4.0, and represents the top priorities of the OSU-Cascades campus through Academic Year 2023. The plan outlines ten actions that are critical to realizing a long-term vision of growth.

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Vision for 2030

OSU-Cascades is a destination of choice for students, faculty, and staff seeking the excellence of Oregon State University in a unique environment. While serving the fast-growing region of Central Oregon, OSU-Cascades attracts students from around the globe.  OSU-Cascades contributes to Oregon’s prosperity through educational attainment, workforce development, business development, research on pressing problems, and enriching arts and culture.

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Four Pillars

OSU-Cascades’ vision will not be realized without a deep commitment to innovation and creativity, health and wellness, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. These four pillars will help inform decisions and will be threaded throughout our academic programs, student life and engagement, research portfolio, and campus operations.

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sustainability

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  1. Degree Program Development into Areas of Distinction: Design and launch academic programming around four pillars (Health & Wellness, Innovation & Creativity, Diversity & Inclusivity, Sustainability)
  2. Building Distinction Through the Innovation District: Construct an Innovation District integrating our university & community
  3. Development of “Cascades Edge” Distinctive Feature: Design and launch new programming that is strong enough to increase student recruitment, enhance the student experience and improve retention, building the programming around the four pillars (Health & Wellness, Innovation & Creativity, Diversity & Inclusivity, Sustainability)
  4. Enrollment Management Strategy: Develop a scholarship strategy collaboratively with OSU Enrollment Management to get to 3,000 student enrollment
  5. Assessment of Athletics and On-Campus Recreation: Introduce intercollegiate athletics
  6. Build research supports for OSU-Cascades’ researchers that also enhance student learning
  7. Strengthen our alumni, community and industry outreach and engagement
  8. Become a destination of choice employer by building and retaining a diverse, high-quality faculty and staff
  9. Build and operate a sustainable, healthy, equitable and innovative campus
  10. Build diversity, equity and inclusion into all facets of university programming and operations