OSU-Cascades Pillars

OSU-Cascades’ vision will not be realized without a deep commitment to innovation and creativity, health and wellness, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. These four pillars will help inform decisions and will be threaded throughout our academic programs, student life and engagement, research portfolio, and campus operations.

Innovation and Creativity

OSU-Cascades embraces creativity, innovation and critical thinking as essential to success in a world where change is the only constant.  OSU-Cascades builds upon an entrepreneurial culture, leads with cross-disciplinary thinking, and generates new ideas that help address contemporary world problems. OSU-Cascades sets high standards and embraces risk-taking.

Health and Wellness

OSU-Cascades promotes health and wellness not only within the campus community but more broadly throughout Central Oregon. Academic programs are developed that address workforce needs in the local health and wellness profession. Self-care and wellness are emphasized for students and employees, and workshops are provided for the greater community on healthy living, work-life balance, and mental and physical well-being.


OSU-Cascades commits to shaping a future that is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable and resilient. The campus will build sustainability and resiliency into academic programs, operating procedures, built environment, and culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

OSU-Cascades strives for a world in which all groups participate fully and equally in society. On campus, inclusivity is at the forefront with programs designed to meet diverse needs. Distribution of resources is equitable, and people feel physically and psychologically secure.  Principles of shared governance are used in decision-making.

OSU-Cascades DEI Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Centering Equity and Social Justice: A Plan for Inclusive Excellence