Milestones toward Four-Year University and Creation of Campus

Significant Milestones to Four-Year University and Campus

1981 - 2000

1981 - OSU begins offering classes in Central Oregon for adults seeking to complete a bachelor’s degree
1987 - Central Oregon Consortium for Higher Education (COCHE) formed to offer bachelor's and master's degrees by OSU and other universities
1995 - University Center created to assume COCHE role, expand degree offerings and improve academic and student services
1998 - Education Team 100 evaluates multiple models to increase and expand degree offerings
1999 - Oregon University System Chancellor’s regional advisory board recommends creating a capstone university to partner with COCC
2000 - OUS staff evaluates alternative models; assumes “small regional baccalaureate institution is the customary goal” within 15 years; seeks proposals to lead campus


2001 - OSU selected to create and manage new branch campus
Jul 2001 - Oregon State Legislature approves $7.2m in start-up funds for campus
Sep 2001 - OSU-Cascades establishes 2+2 presence on COCC campus


2007 -  OUS Goals 2025: “Develop service models for regions projected to grow significantly, particularly Portland & Bend”


Nov 2009 - Fall enrollment jumps 20% to 611 students, largest percentage increase in OUS system


Nov 2010 - OSU-Cascades leads OUS campuses with 16% FTE fall enrollment increase


Jun - State Legislature authorizes $2m for purchase of building for graduate programs, research
Sep - Enrollment continues to grow
Oct - Graduate & Research Center property purchase near Old Mill, downtown


Apr - Enrollment increases 53% over five previous years
Apr - OSU President Ed Ray announces goal to reach 3,000-5,000 students by 2025 at City Club of C.O.
May - Concepts for OSU-Cascades west side campus presented at Bend 2030 Accelerate Bend event
Jul - Community gives $1.6m in capital gifts
Aug - City Council unanimously passes resolution in support of OSU-Cascades’ expansion in Bend
Aug - OUS approves OSU-Cascades expansion to 4-year university
Sep - Tykeson Family $1m capital gift for expansion


Apr – Campus Expansion Advisory Committee (CEAC) formed
May - Space analysis concludes 10-20 acres needed by 2015; 50-60 acres needed by 2025
Jul - Oregon State Legislature approves $16m in capital funding, supported with $4m in donor gifts
Jul - Phase I environment analysis conducted on 10-acre site
Aug - OSU-Cascades evaluates potential expansion sites throughout Bend UGB
Sep - OUS SBHE approves purchase of two parcels totaling 56 acres in Bend for future campus location
Sep - Representatives from all Bend neighborhood associations join CEAC and Task Forces
Oct - Phase I environment analysis conducted on 46-acre site
Oct – Phase II environmental analysis conducted on 10-acre site
Oct - Campus posts double digit enrollment growth
Dec - Concepts for 56-acre campus reviewed at Community Open House


Jan - City of Bend and OSU-Cascades MOU outlines process for delivering initial, 10-acre campus
Jan - Preliminary geotech study conducted on 46-acre site
Feb - Public meetings to review 10-acre site plan
Feb - $4m capital fundraising goal exceeded
Feb - Purchase of 10-acre parcel finalizes
Apr - 10-acre site plan application submitted
May - Site plan application submitted to City initiating land use entitlement process
May - Slope stability analysis completed on 10-acre site
Jun - Bend City Staff, Planning Department recommends in favor of 10-acre site application
Jul - Final geotech study conducted on 46-acre site
Sep - City of Bend hearings officer issues decision in favor of 10-acre site application
Oct - City Council unanimously affirms hearings officer decision on 10-acre site application
Nov - Enrollment growth continues
Nov - Grading and fill plans for 46-acre site completed
Dec - CEAC engages 108 community members, leaders, experts in campus planning
Dec - CEAC results include 92 of 115 community recommendations incorporated into policy, planning for future campus


Mar - Grading and fill verification completed for 46-acre site
Jun - State Land Use Board of Appeals affirms Bend City Council decision in favor of 10-acre site application
Jun - OSU-Cascades joins partners, contributes $100,000 to expand CET bus services for students, others
Jun - Campus construction initiates on 10-acre site
Aug - OSU-Cascades to explore 76-acre demolition landfill for campus expansion
Sep - Oregon Court of appeals affirms land use decision for new campus
Sep - First-ever freshman class welcomed
Sep – OSU-Cascades invests in area public transit
Oct - Enrollment growth includes first ever freshmen class
Oct - Experts in geotech, engineering discuss due diligence on site for possible expansions
Nov - Long range development planning (LRDP) launches with public engagement and advisory groups


Jan – LRDP advisory groups present conclusions
Jan – Purchase of 46-acre pumice mine proceeds
May – OSU President Ed Ray announces gift and naming of Tykeson Hall
May – Expanded campus design team announced
Jun – Public engagement for long range development planning continues
Jun – OSU-Cascades graduates largest class in history for third consecutive year.
Sep – Tykeson Hall and 10-acre campus open to students
Oct – Alternative transportation program launches with free student transit passes, Zipcar, bikeshare.


Jan – 300-bed residence hall and dining/academic building open
Feb - $5m anonymous gift for future academic building is largest in history
Apr – Housing and dining complex earns national Innovator Award
May –impact of expanded campus estimated at $196.8m in statewide economic output
Jun – Class of 2017 first to graduate from new campus
Sep – Future STEAM building supported with $1m gift from Grace-Bio Labs
Nov – Landfill acquisition and planned innovation district increase economic impact
Nov – 128-acre campus footprint secured with acquisition of 72-acre landfill


Mar – Oregon State Legislature approves $39 million capital request for second, STEAM academic building
Jun – Bend City Council unanimously approves campus master plan
Jun – Philanthropy effort to match state capital funding exceeds $10 million goal


May – Gathering space honors legacy of former OSU President Paul Risser
Aug – Groundbreaking marked start of Phase 1 of campus expansion


Sept. - Edward J. Ray Hall opens, named in honor of OSU President


Feb. - Effort to co-develop an innovation district with business and industry partners launches
March - Oregon State Legislature approves $10 million towards land reclamation for first, 8-acre phase of innovation district


May - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approves $2 million brownfield award for land reclamation for first, 8-acre phase of innovation district.